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    Your Medical Group Needs Discount Medical Uniforms

    Medical groups of all kinds, from doctor’s offices, to dental offices, schools, assisted living facilities, hospitals, veterinarian clinics, and every other facility where the employees wear scrubs, are faced with the daunting task of outfitting everyone. At first blush, this sounds like a simple task. After a first hand experience, most of these groups are ready to call it a day. There are so many different factors involved in outfitting a group with medical scrubs or uniforms, the average facility is simply not up to the task. The following list is just a sampling of what is involved:

    1. Identify all of the employees who need to be outfitted.
    2.  Choose a specific uniform or color.
    3.  Choose an alternative uniform or color to be worn by the individuals unable to be fitted with your first choice.
    4.  Identify the size of each individual.
    5.  Determine if a particular individual requires tall”s or petite.
    6.  Determine if everyone is to wear the same color, or different colors to distinguish groups or departments.
    7.  Have each individual fitted to be sure sizing is correct.
    8.  Create a list of every employee involved encompassing all of the above information.
    9.  Determine where you want to position an embroidery logo, the wording, size and color.
    10.  Place the order.
    11.  Pay for the order.
    12.  Arrange for receipt of the order.
    13.  Distribute each uniform to the appropriate employee.
    14.  Pray that everything goes right. We can guarantee you it won’t.

    Now for more reality. Even in a modestly sized office, this becomes a fairly sizable undertaking. In a larger office, or in a group such as a hospital or assisted living facility, the task is impossible without professional assistance. Most larger institutions solicit bids from uniform stores that are not equipped to handle the task either. There is to much to know and to much to do. So the task becomes even a worse nightmare, because the very store who was given the job does not really know how to do it either. We frequently receive phone calls screaming for help and asking us to please pick up the pieces.

    Discount Medical Uniforms. located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach services the uniform needs of many of the largest hospitals, assisted living facilities and the like. We are group sales professionals. We have a standard protocol that allows our clients to achieve a stress free result because not only do we do all of the work, but we know how to do it. Our customer service is of a world class caliber. Our communications are personal and we are always available to our customers at all times, even nights and weekends. We even provide delivery services.

    The bottom line is that our clients simply contact us, let us know of their interests and leave the rest to us. We truly do not service anyone who is not thrilled to do business with us, and who we are equally excited about. Don’t place yourself in a position of frustration and regret. Please give us a call, and we’ll provide you with all of the necessary details. If you are interested, we can set up a personal interview with your organization’s decision makers. Having your entire staff in coordinating uniforms is the best decision your organization can make. Don’t make it without our help.

    For a sneak peak, visit us online at www.discountmeduniforms.com.

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