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    Tell The Doctor – Discount Medical Uniforms

    We recently visited two medical offices where nearly a dozen employees were in eyes view. In the first office, the entire staff, both clerical and nursing were all wearing matching scrub uniforms. All of the uniforms were of the same style and color, and the name of the business was emblazoned across the left side of their scrub top. It was neat, clean, highly professional, and projected a look that would make any patient feel comfortable, confident and at ease. In the second office, all of the employees also dressed in medical scrubs, however, nothing matched, and all of the uniforms were different styles and colors. It looked very unprofessional, sloppy, and bordered on unappealing. As a patient in the second office, you certainly would be less than impressed.

    It absolutely amazes us that a doctor running an office, a hospital manager, a medical group, veterinarian office, or any place where scrubs are worn as a uniform, would fail to realize how incredibly important it is to display the image of excellence and success which can be created through the use of matching uniforms. A doctors office is a business too. If you want to get the most out of your business, you need to look the part, and project the proper image.

    At Discount Medical Uniforms, we are the ultimate professionals at making the job of coordinating all of the necessary apparel, including the various sizing, perfect logos (if desired), getting the order correct, insuring quick and fast delivery, and doing this all at the lowest discount pricing. Long ago, we developed a highly organized procedure to insure your group is properly outfitted to their exact requirements. Even better, we do this with the greatest of ease and we eliminate all of the problems you are guaranteed to encounter elsewhere. Let us make it perfectly clear. As well as having the most complete retail medical uniform store in South Florida, we are consummate pros at making the group order process totally seamless. Now this may sound like no big deal at first blush, but if you knew how many group orders we have become involved with after some other store totally messed everything up, you would not even believe it. Try ordering dozens to hundreds of matching scrub uniforms, in possibly ten different sizes with proper logos, while insuring fast and efficient delivery, and doing it all at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. Once you have the process disrupted by someone who is incompetent,  you then will get a better idea of just how difficult the process is. Well at Discount Medical Uniforms, we make it both mistake free and easy.

    Also important is the fact that we carry every medical uniform brand available. Your group, office, organization, or whoever you’re connected with can create any look you want. Barco Uniforms, Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Uniforms, Wonder Wink, Carhartt, NRG, Koi, we have it all and even more. Do you need shoes to complete the look, because we carry everyone? Do you need medical devices while you’re ordering? You can choose from Littmam. Prestige, or MDF. Do you require medical accessories? Once again we’ve got everything. Anything else you’re missing in medical apparel such as lab coats, t-shirts, scrub caps, jackets, nursing dresses, just come into our store or ask us to visit your group location. We’ll be happy to accommodate your every need. And once again, we guarantee the absolute lowest pricing, professional and easy ordering and quick and reliable delivery. Customer service is our number one goal.

    Lastly, allow me to emphasize the extreme importance of creating the perfect professional image. So do us a favor and tell the doctor!  Simply come into our store or call us at 561 863-3130. Make sure you ask for Billy, as he heads up this department.

    For a sneek peak, visit us online at www.discountmeduniforms.com. Once again, thanks for being our customer.

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