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    Supporting Out Medical Professionals and First Responders

    Supporting Out Medical Professionals and First Responders

    Discount Medical Uniforms:

    Supporting Out Medical Professionals and First Responders


    Have you bought new scrubs lately? In the new and trying times that we live in now, Discount Medical Uniforms is Open To Support and meet the needs of all of our Medical Professionals and First Responders. The store is open for business, and beyond prepared to outfit all of our nurses and doctors in the most innovative and antimicrobial scrubs. Just to mention a few of the new lines, such as Barco One Wellness and Grey’s Anatomy, that is infused with health-promoting minerals and designed with temperature regulating technology which brings comforting benefits to those who deserve it most. We appreciate our Medical Professionals and First Responders and we are willing to offer the Discounts to provide them with the tools that they need to do the job fighting the Coronavirus in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. We are here to support you. With many of our scrub lines having soil-release performance, where the liquids don’t adhere to the fabric, we hope that we can become a partner in helping to keep our Medical Professionals and First Responders SAFE.

    We understand that you are worried about money right now. Just know, that all of our new lines of scrubs that we offer are discounted, and they are work to play scrubs. Therefore, we are offering new lines that are affordable and fashionable. You can wear these scrubs too and from work, and also to the gym and the grocery store. These scrubs, while keeping you safe in the hospital, will also keep you safe in the outside world. We offer a full line of Heart Soul and Cherokee Scrubs in ever color, equipped with all the moisture-wicking technology for each and every hospital’s needs.

    We understand that hospitals require different standards regarding logos and colors, and we are here to help with each and every unique situation. We hope to be your safe and discounted provider of scrubs in the Jupiter and Palm Beach Area. Call us with any questions you might have 561.863.3130

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