• 10 MAR 16
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    New Code Happy Scrubs Selling Great At Discount Medical Uniforms

    As all of our regular customers know, at Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach, we carry all of the brands and collections of medical uniforms that you would want to be seen in. We do not carry uniforms that are anything less than the most up to the minute, best looking, and most desirable scrubs that are available. As a result of our strict buying guidelines, a lot of mediocre collections that you might find elsewhere, simply don’t make it into our store. We enjoy buying this way. Not only does it insure you only get to see the very latest, but it allows us to load up on the inventory you’re looking for. No more endless driving. Simply go right to the source.

    An example of our strict buying scenario is the Code Happy collection from Cherokee Uniforms. This collection, which is both anti-microbial and also showcases a liquid barrier, was less than compelling when it first came out. We did not think you, our customers, would like the collection, and as a result did not order the first rendition. Apparently, Cherokee Uniforms felt the same way and a complete redesign was forthcoming. The second rendition is awesome, and we immediately brought it on to the store. New designs, new colors, and the look you absolutely want. New Code Happy, while retaining both the anti-microbial fabric as well as the fluid barrier, is becoming a gigantic success. Be sure to stop into our store and see it all for yourself.

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