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    Group Sales Brochure – Discount Medical Uniforms

    Our Group Sales Brochure, presented to you by Discount Medical Uniforms, is now available. It is the ultimate resource for both knowledge based viewing, and easy ordering when it comes to medical uniform group purchases. You may be asking yourself, what’s the big deal about a brochure, but when you see this visually informational and verbally informative learning guide, you’ll fully understand that this brochure is a must read for anybody in the medical profession or anyone else who wears medical scrubs. Before going any further, call the store at 561 863-3130, and we’ll rush you out a copy via first class mail. Just simply say, “send me the brochure”, and out it will go.

    Once again your probably asking yourself, what’s this guy talking about. The point is that if you read the blog further down this column titled “Tell The Doctor – Discount Medical Uniforms”, it goes into complete details about the profound importance of every medical office, hospital group, veterinarian office, etc., insuring that all the employees wear matching medical uniforms. The professional look that presents itself when this matching uniform concept is adapted and conveyed to your patients or customers is simply an invaluable asset that your business must switch to. Without the overwhelming benefits that this concept provides, your office is literally at a disadvantage. We know from vast experience, and we guarantee that if your group heeds our advice, your office or group will do more business.

    If you don’t want to scroll down to “Tell The Doctor”, then here’s the general overview. Today, patients or customers want to feel they are in a professional environment. The easiest way to provide those surroundings is to present a smart, neat, matching and professional look within your place of business. This simply does not occur when one walks into an office with several employees all wearing different medical uniforms. Dissimilar styles, colors and a messy appearance is simply not the way to portray the most effective visual. Now walk into the same office where all the employees are wearing matching uniforms of the same style and color that displays a corporate look, and it’s like another world. Your office becomes a showplace and your patients will immediately see a huge difference.

    Moving on, the conversion to matching uniforms is not as easy as it sounds. You need the most appropriate colors, and the best looking styles to coordinate with your office. Each employee must receive the correct sizing whether there are two employees or a hundred. You need a superbly professional uniform store to coordinate everything, handle the order process without messing it up and often times you’ll need to create custom logos for the office, or in many cases each individual employee. You need to have the uniforms delivered and you need to be able to purchase everything at the lowest discount pricing you’ll find anywhere.

    That’s where Discount Medical Uniforms, located in North Palm Beach comes in. We’re the consummate professionals when it comes to handling all of the above. We do so much in the way of group orders that we can reliably complete all of your group medical uniform ordering needs without a single slip up. We are masters of our trade and have developed a comprehensive ordering system that assures your complete satisfaction. In fact, we are often called in to finish a group order that an incompetent competitor mishandled.

    But the best thing to do is call for the brochure, or even better, stop in our store. Inside the brochure you’ll see and read all the important reasons why group sales is the only way to go. By the way, we’re not foregoing our single every day customers who come to our store. If this applies to you, stop in and treat yourself to the best medical uniform shopping experience you will ever have. We carry every brand imaginable, virtually everything is in stock, our sizing includes petites and tall’s and ranges from extra small to extra large including plus sizes. We also offer a vast shoe department which stocks most all brands, Additionally, we carry medical accessories and everything in medical apparel. So come in or call and “ask for the brochure”.

    For a sneak peak visit us online at www.discountmeduniforms.com. And once again, thanks for being our customer.

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