• 21 DEC 11
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    Discount Medical Uniforms – Retail, Hospitals, Groups

    Discount Medical Uniforms has seen a huge uptick in sales to hospitals, groups, and offices. The market for medical scrubs, medical accessories, nurses shoes, and all medical apparel, is forever changing. At Discount Medical Uniforms, were changing with it. More and more hospitals, groups, and offices, that employ multiple  health care professionals, are insisting on color coordination within departments, floors and specific groups. These medical arenas are going away from varied colors, styles and most apparently, print tops. They are seeking  a more professional consistent look that employs solid colors and color coordination in a number of cases. This mandated trend can be seen in hospitals, medical offices and within any groups where the new professional look is required. This means the same colors for departments, and the adoption of matching colors within specific offices, or even color coordination on specific floors. This is not to say that prints are completely out of favor, however, fashion tops are presently preferred in smaller offices where choice is more allowable.

    Our success in supplying groups with their medical apparel needs is surely not by chance. It can be a daunting task to fulfill the specific needs of these medical centers. Colors, styles, sizes, numbers of garments required, all come into play. Try-on’s, delivery, ordering, embroidery, and a host of other circumstances need to be properly dealt with. Frankly, we continue to hear one unpleasant story after another about the prior circumstances encountered by the now delighted clients we have acquired. Before we obtained these customers, their prior experiences apparently were not very good. It seems that most uniform stores are not equipped to handle all of the various needs and requirements, of say, a moderate to very large order. These stores employ a mom and pop approach to a very difficult task and it simply does not work. The result is often a nightmare experience for the purchasing organizations.

    At Discount Medical Uniforms, we utilize a highly sophisticated ordering process that professionally manages all of the requirements necessary to insure a problem free order methodology. The result is a very predictable favorable outcome because our system has been exclusively developed to professionally manage all aspects of a large order. Actually, our customers love it. Our customer service is exceptional, and we’ll do whatever it takes to insure a smooth delivery. When and if there is a minor problem, we treat it with the urgency it deserves, and we have received rave reviews for our performance.

    If you have a group, office, hospital or any other organization that requires group sales, be sure to call us. We combine steep discounts with unrivaled customer service culminating in a superior outcome.

    For a sneak peek, visit us online at www.discountmeduniforms.com.

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