• 26 JUL 15
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Offers Code Happy Scrubs

    Discount Medical Uniforms now offers Code Happy scrubs. We have always been known to stock, in store, the very latest offerings in medical scrubs and uniforms. We want to make sure our customers can always find what they need and want and also introduce them to new technology and fashion as well. Sometime ago we introduced the Infinity line of antimicrobial medical uniforms brought to you by Cherokee Uniforms. While the benefits of antimicrobial fabrics, and the protection they offer against bacteria, has been widely debated ever since the debut of the Infinity line, Discount Medical Uniforms has embraced the technology and taken it to the next level by bringing you the Code Happy line of antimicrobial medical scrubs, also brought to you by Cherokee Uniforms.

    Code Happy has been billed as the next generation in healthcare uniforms. The collection is manufactured using antimicrobial infused fibers containing Certainty, a bacteria blocking fabric treatment. Code Happy offers the additional protection of a product that repels liquids and other contaminants that might adhere to your uniform. Both the Infinity line as well as Code Happy address the concerns expressed by a purported 70% of healthcare workers who have at least some concerns about the bacteria collected and carried on their medical scrubs. The antimicrobial components infused in Code Happy scrub uniforms are reported to destroy and even prevent the growth of bacterial matter, and as such, reduce the spread of bacterial infections in the medical field. Code Happy scrubs come in a multitude of styles and prints as well as an accessory line. The claim is that medical professionals will no longer be burdened with the thought of bacteria spreading by virtue of their medical uniforms. Under any circumstances, Code Happy is a beautiful medical uniform line, and even if the claims of reduced exposure or the wider spread of bacteria are less than 100% accurate, you’ll still be one of the best looking medical professionals in the workplace.

    Visit us online at www.discountmeduniforms.com. As always, thanks for being our customer.

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