• 18 FEB 11
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Adds Sanitas Clogs

    Anyone who stands on their feet all day knows the true benefit of a well crafted, highly durable and comfortable shoe. That is precisely why Discount Medical Uniforms has just added Sanitas Clogs to our already impressive line up of work shoes. Describing Sanitas Clogs as a work shoe is very misleading. In reality,  they manufacture many of the most stylish and beautiful shoes in today’s footwear market. We believe Sanitas Clogs to be the among the best footwear in the work place, and we know not only will you realize a tremendous difference between Sanitas and other imitators, but these shoes will literally change your life.

    Sanitas Clogs has been in existence for over 100 years. Since 1907, their footwear  has adorned the feet of workers as well as fashion conscious individuals all over the world. In fact, Sanitas Clogs are sold in over fifty-four countries around the globe. This brand of stylish Danish shoes are still, to this day, hand made in Europe, where over one million pair are sold each year. Cozy and comfortable, the quality of the brand is without peers.

    Each pair of Sanitas are hand made using only the finest leather. Their design is so unique, it was patented in 1984. The shoes are specifically created to exude style, but much more importantly, to reduce stress on the lower back and legs, concentrate on heel and arch support, and help with shock absorption. As a result of this specialized design, your feet will feel cradled and not confined. Your feet will be living in a world of comfort they have never known. If you know what it’s like to work all day in a lower quality uncomfortable shoe, Sanitas will change your life.

    Arriving shortly is the Professional model in white and black, the Ingrid style in black. the Professional Patent Leather in black, the Elisa design in black, and the Adolfine in red. After that, more styles are on there way. Also be aware, you can always special order any Sanitas Clogs from any of their collections at regular pricing and quick delivery.

    We are excited to bring you this wonderful brand and hope you give yourself  the opportunity to enjoy both the comfort and style that Sanitas Clogs offers.

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