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    Are you a Chef in the Palm Beach area? We at Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach are the proud suppliers of Chef Ware for the enthusiastic and creative Chefs of our world. We realize that it is a truly dedicated profession. Being a Chef takes up so much of your time, your ‘Social life’ is almost non existent. All good Chefs know exactly what is required of them, and they will always be first to arrive at the Restaurant. Taking care of the days work, deciding on the menus, ensuring all the ingredients required are in stock, thus confident that his ‘cooks’ have everything to get the job done.

    Working in this environment subjects you to extremely high temperatures which can become unbearable. Added to this, fires and gas burners make this a challenging environment to work in, scalding and serious burns could be part of your day. Furthermore until Chefs and cooks acquire the correct ‘knife skills’ needed, they are be subjected to possible serious lacerations. All of which could result in permanent scaring.

    This is why we at Discount Medical Uniforms can assist you to find exactly which Chef Ware will meet your requirements, keeping you protected and cool at all times. Dickies are the suppliers of a large variety of Chef clothing whether you are a Chef or Cook. Dickies caters for Men’s/Unisex and Woman’s Fits.

    We have Executive Coats, Classic Coats, Cool Breeze Coats, Cook Shirts, Chef Pants, Women’s, Toque, Beanies, and Aprons in the Dickies Collection. Please feel free to call on us in North Palm Beach and let us assist you with this very unique line of Chef Ware. They come in a large selection of Fabrics to help cope with the high temperatures you experience in the kitchen and are in an array of colors for you to choose from, at very affordable prices. Do not hesitate to call on our friendly staff at our Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach store.

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