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    • 09 NOV 17
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    HeartSoul Scrubs

    HeartSoul Scrubs

    Are you looking for something different with a young and funky look, we at Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach have exactly what you are looking for ‘heartsoul’ scrubs, footwear and socks. They give a fun and very unique option, for people who are young at heart, when choosing their next scrubs. With an

    • 15 MAY 13
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Debuts Asics Footwear

    As everyone who spends most of the day on their feet already know, your shoes are the most important piece of equipment you are likely to use on a daily basis. As a result of the obvious need for exceptionally comfortable and durable footwear, Discount Medical Uniforms carries the largest selection of shoes geared specifically

    • 20 DEC 12
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    Lowest Prices Guaranteed – Discount Medical Uniforms

    Guess what? People need to conserve as much money as possible! There is however a distinct line between saving money and acquiring an inferior product or settling  for lousy customer service. No amount of discounting will make up for a product you really did not want in the first place, or dealing with a store,

    • 30 NOV 12
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    Tell The Doctor – Discount Medical Uniforms

    We recently visited two medical offices where nearly a dozen employees were in eyes view. In the first office, the entire staff, both clerical and nursing were all wearing matching scrub uniforms. All of the uniforms were of the same style and color, and the name of the business was emblazoned across the left side

    • 07 NOV 12
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    Shoes-Shoes-Shoes – Discount Medical Uniforms

    If you work in the medical profession, for a veterinarian clinic, in the restaurant field or any other place where comfort, style and durability are a must, you already know it’s difficult to find the correct shoes. You can search everywhere, but more than likely the best you will do is find a limited selection

    • 14 MAY 11
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Adds Alegria Shoes

    If you have never heard of Alegria shoes, get ready. This company takes the ordinary out of footwear and turns you into the coolest medical professional on staff. Of course, you don’t need to be a medical professional to wear Alegrias. You simply need to want to look great. If you are wearing these shoes

    • 25 APR 11
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    At Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach, you can save 50% on all closeout shoes between now and May 15th. There are no leftovers, discontinued or otherwise unwanted shoes that are part of this sensational sale. This is all brand new gorgeous inventory from leading manufacturers including Clogs, Cherokee, Skechers, Dawgs, Rockers and more.

    • 18 FEB 11
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Adds Sanitas Clogs

    Anyone who stands on their feet all day knows the true benefit of a well crafted, highly durable and comfortable shoe. That is precisely why Discount Medical Uniforms has just added Sanitas Clogs to our already impressive line up of work shoes. Describing Sanitas Clogs as a work shoe is very misleading. In reality,  they