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    • 03 MAR 16
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    Free Email Giveaways From Discount Medical Uniforms

    Discount Medical Uniforms, located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach is hosting a free monthly drawing of medical scrubs and accessories. There is absolutely no purchase necessary, and the monthly winner will be picked from a random selection of e-mail addresses compiled by the store. If you have not signed up for our e-mail

    • 27 NOV 15
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    Discount Medical Uniforms adds Smitten Scrubs

    Discount Medical Uniforms of North Palm Beach has added Smitten Medical Uniforms to their list of the best scrubs available for healthcare professionals. To be frank, calling Smitten a medical uniform is a bit of a stretch. Smitten scrubs are for women who are fun, sassy, smart, sexy and confident. Constructed from a blend of

    • 10 MAY 14
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    Dickies Pay Days At Discount Medical Uniforms

    Dickies Medical Uniforms is offering a minimum 20% discount on any Dickies scrubs purchased between now and the end of June. This very special offer, coming to you via the iconic Dickies brand, officially ends June 30th. Here’s how it works. The promotion is called Dickies Pay Days. Dickies is offering a mail in rebate

    • 30 APR 14
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Showcased At Nurses Night Out

    Discount Medical Uniforms of North Palm Beach is a featured contributor to Nurses Night Out. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it is a healthcare professionals opportunity to participate in the latest happenings in the healthcare industry and afterwards, party into the late hours of the night. Nurses night out is

    • 19 OCT 13
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    Lowest Prices Guaranteed – Discount Medical Uniforms

    Do you like to driving around, almost never finding what you’re looking for and then paying a bunch to much. I don’t. I’ll tell you the truth, I think the world is going nuts. A bag of potato chips costs almost $5.00 at Publix. I can’t go out to dinner anywhere for less than $50.00.

    • 07 JUL 13
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    The Right Scrubs For You – Discount Medical Uniforms

    At Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach, we are constantly asked about which medical uniforms would be the best choice. The fact is, there is no specific recommendation that can be made. Each medical professional who shops in our store has specific needs that must be met. These needs differ from one customer to

    • 15 MAY 13
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    Discount Medical Uniforms Debuts Asics Footwear

    As everyone who spends most of the day on their feet already know, your shoes are the most important piece of equipment you are likely to use on a daily basis. As a result of the obvious need for exceptionally comfortable and durable footwear, Discount Medical Uniforms carries the largest selection of shoes geared specifically

    • 01 APR 13
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    Cherokee Core Stretch – Discount Medical Uniforms

    Core Stretch by Cherokee Uniforms, offered in stock at Discount Medical Uniforms, is currently the hottest selling line in our store. Moderately priced, core stretch seemingly is everyone’s favorite when it comes to the very latest in work wear scrubs. Aside from beautiful styling and a high end look at a moderate price point, these