• 24 JUL 18
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    Barco One Wellness Now Available

    Barco One Wellness Now Available



    Discount Medical Uniforms now carries the new BARCO One Wellness line of scrubs. This new line of medical scrubs has a Bio-Mineral, Far Infrared reflective finish that is on the inside of the fabric. Far Infrared is a type of energy that may have benefits for the human body. The goal with Barco One Wellness has been to harness these potential energies in order to help the body recover, especially for those hard-at-work caring for others.

    From a Bio-Mineral standpoint, the elements of Elvan, Amethyst, Red Clay, Platinum and Germanium interact with your body when wearing Barco One Wellness and they may enhance blood circulation, increase tissue oxygenation, and maintain your optimal body temperature by circulating energy back to the body.


    Come in to Discount Medical Uniforms today to try out this wonderful new line of medical scrubs from Barco.

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