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Discount Medical Uniforms, conveniently located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach, is your one stop destination for the finest in Medical Scrubs, Medical Accessories, Shoes and Chef Wear. Discount Medical Uniforms stocks a vast array of medical apparel ranging from general work wear to high fashion Designer Scrubs. Our extensive inventory includes the "best of the best" from famous companies such as Cherokee, Greys Anatomy, Barco, Koi, Dickies, Landau, Chef Works, Littmam. MDF, Klogs and Skechers, just to name a few. Our inventory also includes an extensive selection of "Discount" Scrubs, that are only distinguishable because of their very low prices. In fact, our pricing is among the lowest in the industry, so you'll always know you are receiving the very best value when it comes to your purchase. We strive to offer the very best in customer service, so our most important consideration is you! We look forward to serving you, and hope to see you soon.

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Discount Medical Uniforms – More Scrubs Than Ever

September 3rd, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms, located on Northlake Blvd. in North Palm Beach already boasts the largest in stock inventory of medical scrubs and medical uniforms in all of Palm Beach County. But that hasn’t stopped us from adding even more collections, colors and overall selection from leading manufacturers such as Cherokee Uniforms, Barco Uniforms, Grey’s Anatomy, HeartSoul, Luxe, NRG, Koi, Landau, Dickies Uniforms, Wonder Wink, Extreme Stretch, and everybody else that matters.

We’ve just placed a huge in stock order for new color additions to HeartSoul, Dickies, Cherokee Work Wear and a lot more. We’ve also added fabulous tee shirts and a host of delicious and gorgeous new print tops from Cherokee and Dickies as well as coordinating tee shirt and designer prints from our ever growing HeartSoul line. Our Grey’s Anatomy inventory is busting at the seams and we keep ordering every new color that comes into the line.

As far as pricing is concerned, Discount Medical Uniforms has always been the lowest when it comes to price, but we have not stopped here. We know it’s tough out there for our customers when it comes to price. As such, we have increased our discounts, in many cases, even further. We guarantee to beat anybody’s price for anything we offer and that includes embroidery as well. So if you have hospital vouchers, don’t feel compelled to buy from sources you’d prefer otherwise  not to buy from because we guarantee to beat their price. And if your buying scrubs from a source simply because they have your logo, stop here. We already have everybody’s logo ready to embroider on you  favorite uniforms.

At Discount Medical Uniforms, we keep abreast of every color selection that may be mandated by a hospital, group, or doctors office. In other words, we always know exactly what you need and as a result, we always have it in stock. We are also famous for our size selection which simply cannot be matched by anyone. We carry xxsmall to xxlarge. We also carry every collection in petites and talls. We also have a great selection of plus sizes, so nobody is left out of the medical uniform party,

So far we’ve spoken primarily about medical scrubs and uniforms. Don’t forget we have a huge selection of medical devices and accessories. Additionally, Discount Medical Uniforms has the largest in stock shoe department featuring nursing shoes and every other type of shoe and sneaker worn by medical professionals in every corner of the healthcare field. When it comes to accessories, we carry more lab coats that you can possibly imagine and our tee shirt and jacket selection is broad and awesome.

We think you also need to know that we have a full blown men’s department featuring Carhartt, Dickies, Cherokee, Landau, and Grey’s Anatomy. In addition to our complete chef wear department, if you need anything else, come on over because we’ve got it.

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Discount Medical Uniforms – Healthcare Careers

August 30th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms, located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach has been rapidly growing in every aspect of their business. Our massive inventory of  medical uniforms and scrubs, our very low discount pricing, and our legendary customer service have all played a major role in our growth trajectory, but is that the real story? The fact is the overall unemployment rate, indicated by government statistics to be hovering around six percent is vastly higher. The number one reason for hyper unemployment is due to a changing society where the skills necessary to fill the job requirements of employers today, simply do not exist. An extraordinary number of good paying jobs, highly regarded positions, go begging because there are simply to few people to fill those needs. And while new job opportunities are created each and every day, they require a particular skill set that most job seekers, unable to find acceptable employment opportunities, simply do not posses.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that one of the two most promising careers with an ever growing abundance of great jobs lies in the field of healthcare. Not only is the healthcare industry thriving, but it is growing exponentially. As baby boomers continue to age, this circumstance will create a major proliferation for healthcare related jobs in every area of the medical industry.

Today’s focus is on preventing disease, illness and injury with the emphasis placed on the fight to diagnose and treat them. And as the youngest baby boomers continue to age, the need to employ qualified health care personnel to both prevent and treat medical conditions intensifies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that we don’t only need to retain the professionals already in the field, but also add a substantial number of new ones, with the most occupational growth expected among health care support jobs. That’s why for this year’s list of the best health care Jobs, not only includes positions such as nurses and physicians, but many others  like diagnostic medical sonographers and veterinary technicians.

Among the many jobs available in the medical field are: physical therapists, RN’s, dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, occupational therapists, clinical laboratory assistants, dietitians and nutritionists, vetinary technologists, respiratory therapists, substance abuse counselors, radiologic technicians, home health aides and dozens and dozens more.In fact, the list and diversity of healthcare related jobs is virtually endless.  So the message is clear. The greatest opportunities in the labor market today, and projected well into the future, lie in the field of healthcare and medical related industries.

Thankfully, every person employed in these jobs wears medical uniforms or medical scrubs. For the greatest selection coupled with the least expensive prices, please visit Discount Medical Uniforms.

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Discount Medical Uniforms – Solid Scrubs Are In

August 2nd, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms, located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach has been selling more solid colored uniforms than at any time ever. At one point, fashion scrubs were all the rage, specifically featuring print designer tops. We have now progressed to the point where medical professionals are purchasing over 90% of there uniform wardrobe  to reflect the look of  solid fashion. Even the major medical uniform manufacturers have significantly scaled back on the number of print scrub tops they are offering and are adding solids at a rapid fire pace. The reason for the change is basically two fold. First, more and more employers of health care professionals are simply not allowing their employees to wear fashion tops. They have implemented a color code for their employees that features solid uniforms only. The second reason for the turn about is that solid uniforms have come a long way over the last couple of years and look great on the professionals who wear them. No longer do you see boring colors, unflattering designs and scrubs that don’t fit correctly. Today it’s all about looking great and the major scrub companies have all delivered.

Cherokee Uniforms offers their high fashion solid line called Luxe. With over fifteen colors in the line, a silky smooth fit, gorgeous design features and a fabric that looks and feels great, who wouldn’t want to be seen in these scrubs. Cherokee Uniforms also offers their designer line, HeartSoul, which is just about the coolest grouping of medical uniforms out there. Selling like hot cakes, HeartSoul offers a unique fabric composition and a color palette that includes amazingly vibrant colors and a beautiful fit. The collection also offers coordinating accessories including jackets, socks, t-shirts and even a coordinating shoe line. Moving on to Barco Uniforms, nothing will ever replace the one and only line of Grey’s Anatomy. Over twenty colors, several different styles of both pants and tops, awesome high end fabric and the look of class, Grey’s Anatomy speaks for itself. Others from Barco Uniforms include the ever popular NRG, which as well, is one of the top selling lines offered at Discount Medical Uniforms. Its loyal buyers love the look and feel of NRG, also offered in nearly twenty different colors.

Even the work wear lines brought to you by Dickies Uniforms, Cherokee Uniforms and Barco, among other famous brands, have upped their game and offer an expensive looking uniform at an inexpensive price. By all means, let’s not leave out Koi Uniforms, WonderWink, Landau and others. They all offer different collections of stunning solid scrub sets. In other words, something for everyone.

Lastly let’s talk about price. Everyone wants to save money. Discount Medical Uniforms offers the lowest pricing anywhere. In fact, we beat the competition by a wide margin. We have every employers logo. If you have been shopping somewhere that you would prefer not to shop at simply because they have the logo you require, come to Discount Medical Uniforms. We have every uniform brand, collection, and color you can imagine. We have the embroidery logo you need which we charge  less for, and our overall pricing beats anybody around. In addition, nearly anything you require is almost always in stock and you’ll experience the best customer service ever. So we hope to see you soon!

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Discount Medical Uniforms – Outfitting Doctors Offices

July 5th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms, located on Northlake Blvd. in North Palm Beach has witnessed a significant increase in the number of doctors offices they are supplying with medical uniforms and scrubs. Medical offices are finally getting the message that matching uniforms, worn by the office staff, promotes the look of professionalism and even visually signals a sense of expert care. Walking into a well organized office and seeing every employee clothed in beautifully matching medical uniforms provides patients with a feeling of complete confidence, not generally available through other means.

Larger offices, where different departments exist, often times outfit the employees with different color scrubs, leading to an even more professional appearance. Most doctors underestimate the importance of conveying an abundance of professionalism  in the work environment. Patients don’t need additional stress when seeing their physician due to a medical condition, and believe it or not, an orderly look promotes a feeling of calm felt not only by the patient, but the staff as well.

Up to this point, many offices have avoided going to the coordinated look due to the difficulty involved in the ordering process. In order to achieve the goal, there are many hurdles that have to be overcome. First you have to pick the uniform style. Then you need to select the colors. After that you need to arrive at the sizes required for each employee. You then need to be assured that the sizes offered by the company whose scrubs you want to order will fit properly. Every size offered by each different company may fit completely different. After this, you need to organize the embroidery requirements when appropriate. You then need to make your final selections and make a list of the completed order. Afterwards, you need to acquire the uniforms from your chosen source and distribute them to each participating employee. Finally you need to hope you did not make any mistakes, which by the way you always will, or you can simply leave the entire process up to Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach, in which case you need do nothing except sit back and relax. And by the way, if you chose the Discount Medical Uniforms way, you’ll get the whole job done with exceptional expertise at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. The decision is up to you.

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Most Inventory, Lowest Prices – Discount Medical Uniforms

June 8th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms carries the most in store inventory found anywhere in Palm Beach County. They also offer everything at the lowest prices imaginable. In fact, the average uniform shopper can save up to 10% more than the pricing found at other venues by simply purchasing their scrubs from Discount Medical Uniforms. If you’re a healthcare professional, doctors office, veterinarian clinic, hospital or any group purchasing medical uniforms, the savings can be substantial. And it’s not only scrubs where the bargains can be had. Discount Medical Uniforms has the largest in stock inventory of  the shoes most worn by medical professionals, They also have a very large, and heavily discounted selection of medical accessories from famous brand names such as Littman, MDF, and Prestige.

The number one complaint heard from healthcare professionals shopping for medical uniforms, shoes, or accessories, is that most scrub stores are seriously lacking the sizes, styles, and selection they need or are looking for. At Discount Medical Uniforms we are acutely aware of your individual requirements and have everything you could possibly need right under one roof. We keep a record of  the colors mandated by hospitals, groups, doctors offices, etc., and make it a point of emphasis to stock your required colors in all available sizes. This means that you can count on finding the scrubs you need when you want them, in your size, and at the lowest possible price anywhere.

Discount Medical Uniforms carries xxs (extra, extra small) to 3x, and larger, and additionally stocks talls and petites. A notable lack of tall and petite sizes are a constant source of complaint coming from uniform shoppers. You will never run into this problem when shopping at our location. Of course, our store is always stocked with a huge selection of designer scrubs as well. This includes fashion print tops and the latest designer fashions.

Another complaint heard from our customers is that when occasionally straying to another scrub store, they simply are very limited to brand offerings. Most scrub stores carry either Barco or Cherokee, and not much else. At Discount Medical uniforms we carry everything from all of your favorite manufacturers, and we stock these items in abundance, inclusive of every color in each collection. You won’t find just one or two brands at Discount Medical Uniforms. Our in store inventory includes the largest selection of Grey’s Anatomy you’ll ever find anywhere, and we stock over seventeen different colors in all sizes. Our offerings include Cherokee Uniforms and a huge selection of Luxe and HeartSoul, Dickies Uniforms, everything from Barco Uniforms, including an eye popping collection of the very popular NRG, WonderWink, Koi, Landau,Urbane, Nursemate shoes, Sanitas, Klogs, Skechers, Littman, MDF, Prestige, and much, much more. In fact, the preceding is just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you want to save a bunch of money, be able to purchase the most up to date collections offered by all the leading manufacturers of medical scrubs and the like, and want to be assured that your size is always in stock, don’t hesitate to join the ever growing group of healthcare professionals who already count on Discount Medical Uniforms for all of the uniform needs.

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Dickies Pay Days At Discount Medical Uniforms

May 10th, 2014

Dickies Medical Uniforms is offering a minimum 20% discount on any Dickies scrubs purchased between now and the end of June. This very special offer, coming to you via the iconic Dickies brand, officially ends June 30th. Here’s how it works.

The promotion is called Dickies Pay Days. Dickies is offering a mail in rebate redeemable for cash (in this case a Dickies rebate check). If you spend $25.00 on any Dickies brand products, you will receive a mail in rebate form for $5.00. Spend $50.00 and get back $10.00. Spend $75.00 and get back $15.00, or spend $100.00 and get back $25.00.

So if you’re buying over $100.00, you will be getting a real 25% discount on any Dickies item you are buying. This promotion includes everything Dickies including Xtreme Stretch, Gen-Flex, and EDS, which is Dickies everyday workwear. That’s up to 25% 0ff, and that’s nothing to be overlooked. Dickies Medical Uniforms continues to be one of the top selling brands in the health care industry. Their scrubs are worn and coveted by medical professionals throughout Florida. So if you’re a person who wears Dickies Uniforms and are in need of some additions to your wardrobe, now would be a great time to load up. You can purchase everything you need at up to a sensational 25% off.

Simply stop into Discount Medical Uniforms. We have one of the largest in store inventories of Dickies scrubs you’ll find anywhere in Florida. And don’t worry about availability. For those of you who want to take full advantage of the sale and purchase multiple items, we’ll extend the rebate to special orders in the unlikely event you buy us out.

Deals like this don’t come around often, so be sure to come to our store for this wonderful event.

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Discount Medical Uniforms Showcased At Nurses Night Out

April 30th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms of North Palm Beach is a featured contributor to Nurses Night Out. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it is a healthcare professionals opportunity to participate in the latest happenings in the healthcare industry and afterwards, party into the late hours of the night.

Nurses night out is an ongoing nurses bash held every year. This year is no different and a great time can be expected by all of the attendees. Nurses night out will be held Thursday, May 8th from 6:00 PM. to 9:00 PM. and the location is the beautiful Downtown At The Gardens located on Alternate A1A in Palm Beach Gardens. Don’t be fooled by the hours because often times, the party really gets started after the official close.

Last year Nurses Night out attracted over 2500 medical professionals and was a smashing success. Discount Medical Uniforms is one of many major sponsors who show their products and services as well as participate in the many gifts and prizes handed out or raffled at the event. Free food and drinks are also offered.

One of the featured and most anticipated events is the Discount Medical Uniforms scrubs and uniform fashion show featuring the latest in medical uniforms and apparel. The fashion show is always a highlight of the night. In addition, there is a rocking live band affording everyone live music and entertainment. Other happenings include educational forums, games and prizes and much more. Discount Medical Uniforms will be raffling or giving away many valuable and exciting prizes and gifts. Among them will over five sets of Barco uniforms, Klogs shoes, an MDF stethoscope and blood pressure cup and much more.

After the formal Nurses Night Out event officially ends, the party ramps up at the Dirty Martini where the first 100 in the door receive a free drink. While Nurses Night Out is a serous event, it is also a time when medical professionals from all different fields come together to simply have a great time.

Be sure to come out because otherwise you will be missing one of the premiere events of the year. We at Discount Medical Uniforms hope to see you there. For more information, you can visit

Discount Medical Uniforms Stocked With Summer Inventory

April 7th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms is loaded with their summer inventory. Nearly all of our summer collections, including new styles and colors, print tops, tee shirts, lab coats, shoes accessories and much more are in and ready to be added to your wardrobe. The summer inventory includes new colors from Grey’s Anatomy, NRG and Luxe, along with a huge selection of the top selling new entry, HeartSoul, from Cherokee Uniforms. Other prominent manufacturers on display and featuring their summer lines include Dickies, Barco Uniforms, Landau, Koi, and many others. In fact, Discount Medical Uniforms is well known for stocking the largest in store inventory of any medical uniform store in the entire county. Not only do we have what you are looking for, but the store has every size imaginable from xxsmall to 5x and includes, in most cases, petites and talls.

In addition to all of the latest scrubs fashions, Discount Medical Uniforms has a very large shoe department that includes Klogs, Koi, Nursemates, Alegria, Asics, Cherokee and many others. Medical shoe wear is one of the toughest items to find a great in stock selection, and Discount Medical Uniforms has them all. No need to aimlessly drive around and come up empty. Just come straight to our store and get the shoes you want, all at heavily discounted prices. If you are looking for medical accessories or devices, be sure to visit Discount Medical Uniforms for a large selection of Littman and Prestige medical accessories, along with our iron clad guarantee that we’ll beat any ones prices.

Our embroidery services are also not to be overlooked. We are gaining a reputation for offering the best quality in embroidery along with low pricing and the guaranteed fastest delivery time you’ll find anywhere.

Lastly, we have beefed up our Chef Wear department with some of the best looking and best price apparel available. Among our latest offerings is the well known and highly sought after collections from Chef Works.

So remember, if you are looking for the very best in medical uniforms, medical scrubs, medical shoes and accessories along with an awesome selection of chef wear, stop by the store and see for yourself.

For a sneak peak visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.


Cherokee’s HeartSoul Rocking – Discount Medical Uniforms

March 18th, 2014

Cherokee Uniforms new scrubs collection, HeartSoul is rocking. Taking the entire medical uniforms industry by storm, at Discount Medical Uniforms, we can never remember a scrubs collection that has become so popular in such a short amount of time. The fabric composition is cotton poly, rayon and spandex fine dobby, but that does not tell the story. The fabric is ultra soft and highly durable and is designed to flex and move with your body. It also presents an extremely high end look, making your outfit appear as rich as can be.

The collection is available in eight colors including black, pewter, white, navy, royal, pink, orange and citrus. The colors are all bold and beautiful and absolutely pop. The tops can be had in both a v-neck and mock wrap while the pant offers a low rise drawstring, low rise elastic waist cargo, and a low rise drawstring cargo pant. Sizing comes in extra small to 3x.

Some of the exceptional features include a signature pink grommet, signature heart binding, multiple pockets with signature pink bunge loop, cargo pocket and dobby fabric detail as well as a peek-a-boo waistband. Included in the grouping are long sleeve round neck tee shirts and a fantastic array of print tops that mix and match across the collection. You will definitely want to add HeartSoul to your medical scrubs wardrobe.

For a sneak peek visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.

The Colors You Need – Discount Medical Uniforms

February 15th, 2014

Most medical professional work places are now requiring a particular color code for the medical uniforms worn by their employees. The color code varies from one work place to another, but the more popular color choices are royal blue, white, navy, eggplant, and steel blue. Of course, each office, hospital, nursing facility, veterinarian hospital or clinic, and many other small, as well as institutional work places insist on a wide range of color choices. It has become increasingly difficult for the individual shopper to locate a good selection with respect to both size and color requirement, when trying to purchase the scrubs they need. At Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm, we have made it a lot easier to locate the uniforms you need without having to spend a fruitless day driving around and looking for the elusive size and color you want, which seemingly is never in stock. We keep an extensive list of most medical facilities along with their color requirements and make it our business to keep the largest selection in Palm Beach County in our store.

Not only do we have your color nearly always in stock, but we give you many choices from different manufacturers. These manufacturers include Barco Uniforms, Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies, Koi, Landau Uniforms and pretty much everyone else. Among the most popular collections are Grey’s Anatomy, NRG, Luxe, Cherokee workwear, and Dickies workwear. Don’t fret if your particular favorite has not been mentioned. As we said, we carry everyone, and more than likely your color or brand is in our store.

The second part of the equation is size. Even if you are able to find the color of the scrubs you are searching for, more than likely your size will be unavailable. At Discount Medical Uniforms we make it our business to stock all sizes from double extra small petite (2xs petite) through 2Xl (extra large), and in many instances, we stock sizes up to 5xl. To make it even more convenient for our customers, we stock a huge selection of both petites and talls.

Now let’s turn to pricing. We have the lowest pricing you’ll find anywhere. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We have a low price guarantee that assures you can’t find scrubs for less from any source anywhere. Yes, it does not cover internet gimmicks, but we want you to know that we want to be the lowest. We are not going to loose your business over price. Simply put, if you can get it lower, we’ll beat the price. Promise!

Embroidery service has become a big thing in the scrubs industry since more hospitals, offices and organizations are turning to a uniform dress code. Our embroidery services cannot be beat. We’ll create your logo if you need this done, do a magnificent job and also guarantee you the fastest embroidery turnaround time in the entire industry.

Lastly, we are really proud of our customer service. We care about you. We want you to be happy and continue to be our loyal customer, and we are true professionals at what we do. Chances are you are already our customer. But if you currently are not buying your scrubs from us, you are missing an opportunity. Stop into our superstore and see for yourself. We’ve been told we are worth the drive from anywhere.

For a sneak peek, visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.

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