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Discount Medical Uniforms, conveniently located on Northlake Blvd., in North Palm Beach, is your one stop destination for the finest in Medical Scrubs, Medical Accessories, Shoes and Chef Wear. Discount Medical Uniforms stocks a vast array of medical apparel ranging from general work wear to high fashion Designer Scrubs. Our extensive inventory includes the "best of the best" from famous companies such as Cherokee, Greys Anatomy, Barco, Koi, Dickies, Landau, Chef Works, Littmam. MDF, Klogs and Skechers, just to name a few. Our inventory also includes an extensive selection of "Discount" Scrubs, that are only distinguishable because of their very low prices. In fact, our pricing is among the lowest in the industry, so you'll always know you are receiving the very best value when it comes to your purchase. We strive to offer the very best in customer service, so our most important consideration is you! We look forward to serving you, and hope to see you soon.

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Discount Medical Uniforms Stocked With Summer Inventory

April 7th, 2014

Discount Medical Uniforms is loaded with their summer inventory. Nearly all of our summer collections, including new styles and colors, print tops, tee shirts, lab coats, shoes accessories and much more are in and ready to be added to your wardrobe. The summer inventory includes new colors from Grey’s Anatomy, NRG and Luxe, along with a huge selection of the top selling new entry, HeartSoul, from Cherokee Uniforms. Other prominent manufacturers on display and featuring their summer lines include Dickies, Barco Uniforms, Landau, Koi, and many others. In fact, Discount Medical Uniforms is well known for stocking the largest in store inventory of any medical uniform store in the entire county. Not only do we have what you are looking for, but the store has every size imaginable from xxsmall to 5x and includes, in most cases, petites and talls.

In addition to all of the latest scrubs fashions, Discount Medical Uniforms has a very large shoe department that includes Klogs, Koi, Nursemates, Alegria, Asics, Cherokee and many others. Medical shoe wear is one of the toughest items to find a great in stock selection, and Discount Medical Uniforms has them all. No need to aimlessly drive around and come up empty. Just come straight to our store and get the shoes you want, all at heavily discounted prices. If you are looking for medical accessories or devices, be sure to visit Discount Medical Uniforms for a large selection of Littman and Prestige medical accessories, along with our iron clad guarantee that we’ll beat any ones prices.

Our embroidery services are also not to be overlooked. We are gaining a reputation for offering the best quality in embroidery along with low pricing and the guaranteed fastest delivery time you’ll find anywhere.

Lastly, we have beefed up our Chef Wear department with some of the best looking and best price apparel available. Among our latest offerings is the well known and highly sought after collections from Chef Works.

So remember, if you are looking for the very best in medical uniforms, medical scrubs, medical shoes and accessories along with an awesome selection of chef wear, stop by the store and see for yourself.

For a sneak peak visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.



Cherokee’s HeartSoul Rocking – Discount Medical Uniforms

March 18th, 2014

Cherokee Uniforms new scrubs collection, HeartSoul is rocking. Taking the entire medical uniforms industry by storm, at Discount Medical Uniforms, we can never remember a scrubs collection that has become so popular in such a short amount of time. The fabric composition is cotton poly, rayon and spandex fine dobby, but that does not tell the story. The fabric is ultra soft and highly durable and is designed to flex and move with your body. It also presents an extremely high end look, making your outfit appear as rich as can be.

The collection is available in eight colors including black, pewter, white, navy, royal, pink, orange and citrus. The colors are all bold and beautiful and absolutely pop. The tops can be had in both a v-neck and mock wrap while the pant offers a low rise drawstring, low rise elastic waist cargo, and a low rise drawstring cargo pant. Sizing comes in extra small to 3x.

Some of the exceptional features include a signature pink grommet, signature heart binding, multiple pockets with signature pink bunge loop, cargo pocket and dobby fabric detail as well as a peek-a-boo waistband. Included in the grouping are long sleeve round neck tee shirts and a fantastic array of print tops that mix and match across the collection. You will definitely want to add HeartSoul to your medical scrubs wardrobe.

For a sneak peek visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.


The Colors You Need – Discount Medical Uniforms

February 15th, 2014

Most medical professional work places are now requiring a particular color code for the medical uniforms worn by their employees. The color code varies from one work place to another, but the more popular color choices are royal blue, white, navy, eggplant, and steel blue. Of course, each office, hospital, nursing facility, veterinarian hospital or clinic, and many other small, as well as institutional work places insist on a wide range of color choices. It has become increasingly difficult for the individual shopper to locate a good selection with respect to both size and color requirement, when trying to purchase the scrubs they need. At Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm, we have made it a lot easier to locate the uniforms you need without having to spend a fruitless day driving around and looking for the elusive size and color you want, which seemingly is never in stock. We keep an extensive list of most medical facilities along with their color requirements and make it our business to keep the largest selection in Palm Beach County in our store.

Not only do we have your color nearly always in stock, but we give you many choices from different manufacturers. These manufacturers include Barco Uniforms, Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies, Koi, Landau Uniforms and pretty much everyone else. Among the most popular collections are Grey’s Anatomy, NRG, Luxe, Cherokee workwear, and Dickies workwear. Don’t fret if your particular favorite has not been mentioned. As we said, we carry everyone, and more than likely your color or brand is in our store.

The second part of the equation is size. Even if you are able to find the color of the scrubs you are searching for, more than likely your size will be unavailable. At Discount Medical Uniforms we make it our business to stock all sizes from double extra small petite (2xs petite) through 2Xl (extra large), and in many instances, we stock sizes up to 5xl. To make it even more convenient for our customers, we stock a huge selection of both petites and talls.

Now let’s turn to pricing. We have the lowest pricing you’ll find anywhere. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We have a low price guarantee that assures you can’t find scrubs for less from any source anywhere. Yes, it does not cover internet gimmicks, but we want you to know that we want to be the lowest. We are not going to loose your business over price. Simply put, if you can get it lower, we’ll beat the price. Promise!

Embroidery service has become a big thing in the scrubs industry since more hospitals, offices and organizations are turning to a uniform dress code. Our embroidery services cannot be beat. We’ll create your logo if you need this done, do a magnificent job and also guarantee you the fastest embroidery turnaround time in the entire industry.

Lastly, we are really proud of our customer service. We care about you. We want you to be happy and continue to be our loyal customer, and we are true professionals at what we do. Chances are you are already our customer. But if you currently are not buying your scrubs from us, you are missing an opportunity. Stop into our superstore and see for yourself. We’ve been told we are worth the drive from anywhere.

For a sneak peek, visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.


Dickies EDS Signature Scrubs At Discount Medical Uniforms

February 7th, 2014

Dickies Uniforms have always been one of the most popular lines of medical uniforms in the history of scrubs. There’s just something about that Dickie’s logo, sewn on your sleeve or pant that makes a statement unmatched by any other uniform line. Dickies Uniforms has now quickened their pace with the introduction of their newly launched EDS Signature collection which features nineteen different colors.

This junior fit series is made from a soft comfortable fabric consisting of a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton poly poplin. The pant features a drawstring construction with an elastic waistband, cargo pockets, shaped front pockets, back pocket, multi-pen slots within a scissor pocket, and a utility loop. The size range is double extra small (2xs) to triple extra large (3xl), and the pant displays a low rise and a straight leg. The most popular top displays a v-neck with princess seems on the side and back.

Dickies work wear has forever had to compete with the more sought after Cherokee work wear line. Many medical professionals prefer the Cherokee scrubs for their design and fit. On the other hand, the same can be said for Dickies. Now you can combine or mix both lines because the two companies have integrated their color selection so the Dickies EDS signature collection and the Cherokee work wear collection, identically match each other. For those who prefer the fit of Dickies and the style of Cherokee, or perhaps the opposite, can combine either style for a perfect color match.

Moderate to low priced scrubs with an incredible selection and the availability to interchange both lines will make many medical professionals both look and feel great. So stop by our store and view the new arrivals, always available at the guaranteed lowest price along with the best customer service you will find anywhere.

For a sneak peek visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.




Medical Offices, Groups, Hospitals Turn To Discount Medical Uniforms

January 19th, 2014

Medical offices, groups, hospitals, nursing homes, and individual professionals are turning to Discount Medical Uniforms in N. Palm Beach for their uniform needs. The reasons are simple. Huge inventory, greatest diversity of brands, expert embroidery services, absolute lowest pricing and superb customer service make Discount Medical Uniforms their obvious choice. As pioneer advocates of coordinated office uniforms, our name has received a great deal of attention as the source that can provide everything necessary to transition into the matching uniform scenario. The look offered by creating a professional appearance is so compelling that more and more groups, offices, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and a multitude of others have made the matching professional appearance a high priority on their list. Over two years ago, Discount Medical Uniforms produced a comprehensive color brochure detailing everything you need to know to completely change the appearance of your workplace. The reason we created the brochure is because the makeover is not as simple as one might think.

Some of the problems encountered by different medical organizations trying to do this on their own, or through another store not equipped to professionally handle the task are often not even thought about before setting out to make the changeover. The problems are so numerous that even a small doctors office can find themselves making numerous mistakes. Some of the very important issues encountered include the color of the uniforms in question, the style of uniform preferred, and the sizing of the uniforms relative to all of the employees who will be wearing them. Other issues that frequently create mistakes are embroidery related, the ability to reorder the chosen uniforms in the future when new employees are hired or new and additional uniforms are simply needed, delivery, trying on the uniforms before ordering, the type and fit each potential uniform will offer different medical professionals, additional equipment such as medical devices, nursing shoes, other medical accessories, and a host of other issues that can make the ordering process a nightmare for the uninformed. If you think anyone can proficiently do all of this, you’re sorely mistaking. Discount Medical Uniforms receives calls nearly everyday asking us to come in and pick up the pieces from a group order gone bad.

The reality is that changing over to the professional office look is a daunting task best left to the the experts. That’s were Discount Medical Uniforms comes in. We have been providing these services to numerous organizations for many years. Some of our larger clients have hundreds of employees that we have to outfit. For us, any group, office, hospital or any organization we deal with is just another days successful work. We have created a systematized approach that details every portion of the process and virtually assures a mistake free endeavor. Our customer service can best be described as impeccable. During our last delivery to a large organization, we individually bagged each scrub outfit including the employees name. This saved our customer hours of work and a headache free transition for which they were extremely grateful. To us, it was no more than doing our job and doing it well.

Regardless of the type of office, group, organization, school, hospital or for anyone who wears scrubs and wants the professional touch that only we can deliver, contact Discount Medical Uniforms. And remember, we treat our individual customers with the same care and consideration they would expect.

For a sneak peak visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.


Discount Medical Uniforms Celebrates Seventh Anniversary

December 21st, 2013

Its been 7 years this week since Discount Medical Uniforms opened its doors.  Growing every year and always selling at heavily discounted prices along with great service. We have become known for having the best selection around.  We have the largest inventory of Barco Uniform’s world class scrub lines including the number one selling Grey’s Anatomy line and  the equally appealing collection, NRG. We stock both collections from size XXS petite and up in just about every color offered.  We also stock the full line up from Cherokee Uniforms featuring both their work wear and their upscale collections featuring Luxe, the up and coming scrubs line that everyone seemingly wants. Additionally, we offer Dickie’s Uniforms, Koi, Landau, Carhart for men, Wink, Koi shoes by Sanita, Nursemates shoes and more. Actually much more. Our store is virtually bulging from the seams while offering you, your group or office, everything imaginable in the world of medical apparel and supplies

We have a large inventory of stethoscopes by Littmann, and MDF and a bountiful selection of medical accessories for all of your special needs. If you or a friend need anything related to medical scrubs, medical accessories, nurses shoes for both men or women, be sure to stop by and see us.  And remember that we also service large groups and offices with that great pricing and service that we have become known for.  Shop here and you will never be disappointed.

So it is apparent that these last seven years have led us down a path that has allowed us to become the destination of choice for medical professionals seeking selection, service and price. We aspire to become even better in the future. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who have made this possible.


HeartSoul Coming To Discount Medical Uniforms

December 3rd, 2013

Discount Medical Uniforms will unveil HeartSoul, an extraordinary new line of  medical scrubs, during the first week of February. HeartSoul is a new and unique medical uniform line that is so compelling, that it possibly could become one of the most sought after collections of scrubs launched over the last five years. It truly is transformational in terms of its look, style and the awesome fabric used in its construction. Trend inspired designs, exceptional fit and superior quality will undoubtedly place HeartSoul at the forefront of the medical scrubs universe.

HeartSoul scrubs will bring two fabric collections to the market that are very different from any other medical scrubs you may have seen. Stylish professional women will come to rely on HeartSoul scrubs to create a very special look on their behalf. The collection will feature two unique fabric collections, including signature details, eye-catching colors, and coordinating prints. The collection will also be available in several standard colors that might be required at your place of business. These colors will allow you to meet color code requirements where necessary, and still present you with the opportunity to look and feel great.

Developed by Cherokee Uniforms, HeartSoul features an exquisite fabric exclusively developed for the collection. The yarn system created is so spectacular in every way, that Discount Medical Uniforms believes HeartSoul could become one of the dominant brands in the scrubs marketplace. While we are early in terms of bringing you the news about this sensational brand, we wanted to get the word out that HeartSoul is coming soon, and that Discount Medical Uniforms will be stocking the entire line. As we get closer to the actual date when the line can be purchased, we’ll bring you more in depth information about sizing, the full color palette, and other pertinent information we’re sure you’ll want to know about.

For a sneak peek visit us online at As always, thanks for being our customer.


Discount Medical Uniforms Debuts New Colors

November 18th, 2013

Discount Medical Uniforms debuts new colors in their best selling brands, Grey’s Anatomy and NRG. Everyone wants to look great in the medical workplace, and these two scrub lines represent the height of fashion. Grey”s Anatomy boasts the new color additions of watermelon and grapevine. Colorful yet cool for those medical professionals who want to be noticed and keep their medical scrubs wardrobe current an up to date. Discount Medical Uniforms now stocks over eighteen different colors in this best selling brand name. Grey’s Anatomy is available in the sizes of xxsmall through 5x and also comes in both petites and talls.

Not far behind the the Grey’s Anatomy line in terms of popularity is NRG, presented by Barco Uniforms. NRG’s overall desirability ranks the line among the best sellers in the medical uniforms universe. As such, we are happy to add the new color additions of tango and dazzle. NRG is stocked in over fourteen different colors and is available in the sizes of xsmall through 5x and also includes petites and talls.

In today’s world of the medical professional, many hospitals, medical offices, groups and the like are mandating a shift from fashion scrubs, including print tops, to solid color uniforms. Nevertheless, most professionals want to feel and look great. This is when Grey’s Anatomy and NRG really shine. They both exude fashion, and will create the high end wonderful look you want without having to go against the solid color code. Additionally, both Grey’s Anatomy and NRG are stocked in the colors that your group has asked you to wear. At Discount Medical Uniforms, we have an in depth chart of all of the color requirements for the institutions, offices, etc. in a wide geographical area, and as such, we stock all of the mandated colors you might require.

The extra beauty of wearing Grey’s Anatomy and NRG medical scrubs is that you’ll never fall short of looking your very best. These scrubs are high fashion, high quality, extremely durable, and assure that you will always be the fashion leader.

For a sneak peak, visit us online at And as always, thanks for being our customer.



Lowest Prices Guaranteed – Discount Medical Uniforms

October 19th, 2013

Do you like to driving around, almost never finding what you’re looking for and then paying a bunch to much. I don’t. I’ll tell you the truth, I think the world is going nuts. A bag of potato chips costs almost $5.00 at Publix. I can’t go out to dinner anywhere for less than $50.00. Not that I can afford to go out to dinner, and it costs $60.00 to fill my car up with gas.

Listen to the government statistics. They’ll tell you inflation is static. No problem at all. We’re all doing great. Nothing is going up, except everything. Don’t dream about being a millionaire, you now need to be a billionaire.

At Discount Medical Uniforms, unfortunately we have no control over any of these problems. But wait! We do have control over the prices of medical uniforms, scrubs and medical accessories, and they don’t call us discount for nothing. We guarantee the absolute lowest pricing on everything we sell in our inventory filled store. We don’t do this because we’re nice, which we happen to be anyway. We charge the lowest prices because that’s our business model. We want volume, and we get it by displaying the largest in store inventory from every major medical uniforms and scrub manufacturer, to nursing shoes and medical accessories, and also by beating everybody else on price and customer service.

Now we’re not just talking about a few bucks. If you are an individual medical professional, you can save a bundle at Discount Medical Uniforms. If you are a group, a medical office, a hospital, veterinarian clinic or any other institutional type of buyer, you can save a huge amount of money by buying your scrubs at Discount Medical Uniforms. As i mentioned, we carry everybody. Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee Uniforms, Barco Uniforms, Dickies, Koi, Wonder Wink, Landau, Carhart, Nurse Mates, Clogs, Sanitas, Alegria, Prestige, Littman are all brands that we heavily stock in our store, and that’s not all because there’s plenty more.

Now bare with me and let me take a second to talk about about customer service. We know you have many choices when it comes to buying scrubs. As I said earlier, we are really nice people to begin with, but we’ve taken this customer service thing to the next level. We are extraordinarily helpful and unbelievably professional. We did not start doing scrubs last Tuesday. We know our business, and our single minded goal is to please our customer. That’s you! When it comes to larger orders from medical group sales, medical office sales or any type of medical institutional business, we really shine. We are systematized, organized and highly competent. We make the ordering process simple, fast and extremely accurate, and our embroidery services are exceptional.

Probably more important than anything is the simple fact that we want your business and will do whatever it takes to get it. As for our lowest price guarantee, which we hardly ever have to consider, here’s what it is. If you ever find a lower price for any item that we sell. bring us any verifiable advertisement and we’ll refund 100% of the difference. By the way, it never happens because we always have the lowest price to begin with. It does not include competitive pricing from online internet stores because of confusing prices related to shipping costs and other unfilled claims. Also, we will special order any item with quick delivery time for free. No additional costs for special orders.

So if you want the largest inventory, at the lowest pricing along with the highest level of customer service, please visit Discount Medical Uniforms.

For a sneak peak, visit us online at And as always, thanks for being our customer.




Discount Medical Uniforms – See What’s New!

September 30th, 2013

See what’s new at Discount Medical Uniforms in North Palm Beach. We are well known for carrying every major brand of medical scrubs and accessories and stocking virtually everything right here in our store. Never waste time driving around looking for items our competitors don’t have and won’t order. we have it all right under our roof. Cherokee Medical Uniforms, Barco Uniforms, Dickies, Koi, Wonder Wink, Landau, Grey’s Anatomy, Littman, Prestige, Nurse Mates, Klogs, and a host of other brands are just the beginning of our huge in store offerings.

Usually, we go into detail when a new arrival is unveiled. This time, because there are so many new additions to our already extensive line-up, we’re just going to list them all, including an invitation to stop by our medical scrubs superstore and check it out for yourself.

Hot off the UPS truck are new fall colors for our best selling NRG line from Barco Uniforms. The new colors, imperial, nickel and raisin, are sure to make your co-workers jealous. Included in the NRG new color selection is a new and stylish top. Take a look at style #41383 when you stop by the store. This addition will give your NRG wardrobe a whole fresh look. Also, we just unpacked a boat load of new Barco prints. For those medical professionals still allowed to go the fashion route, you’ll definitely want to add a few new fashion tops to your collection.

Let’s not leave out our male medical professionals from looking great as well. Discount Medical Uniforms has just unveiled the upscale Luxe line for men. Brought to you by Cherokee Uniforms, Luxe is among our smartest looking and best selling scrub lines. Available in black and navy, our male medical professionals are guaranteed to look great and impress as well. We suggest that you don’t dismiss the importance of always looking good on the job.

Other offerings include the new Genflex Performance System from Dickies, and a new Khaki color available in our ladies Luxe line.

Remember that Discount Medical Uniforms discounts everything we sell and includes a lowest price guarantee. If you can find any item we sell at a lower price, all you need do is supply us with a verifiable advertisement and we’ll refund 100% of the difference. This very rarely occurs and we want to assure you that our discounting is not simply idle chatter. You can really save a bunch of money by shopping at our store. For our group sales customers, medical offices, hospital departments, or any other organizations that purchase medical uniforms or accessories in quantities, the price difference can be substantial. So before any groups place their next order, if you’re not buying from us, we urge you give us a call. We are highly professional when it comes to group sales and will also supply the best and least expensive embroidery services you’ll find anywhere.

For a sneak peak, visit us online at And as always, thanks for being our customer.

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